Hotel Horeseplay

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Romy gets caught with a mouth full of bellhop cock today by bitchy guest Dionne Darling, who's arrived at the hotel and found the dirty desk girl on her knees instead of on her feet to check in the impatient dominatrix guest and get her a room. She quickly finds Dionne's reservation, despite the harsh verbal humiliation she's receiving from the pissed off hottie, and sends Mr. Neo up with her bags to get her comfortable and make her any means necessary. As soon as they are in, Dionne shows her softer side, and starts to strip off some clothes, then grabs the bellhop and give him his tip...which is to say, she grabs his head and shoves it into her pussy and makes her lick it hard. She continues to use her man-servent as she wishes, working his cock and riding him hard til she gets off, then kicks the lowly loser out on his ass.

Runtime25 minutes
ResolutionSD 540p
File formatmp4
File size361 MB
Picture count167
Level of qualityhigh end
Language in movie English